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Kaimahi Induction E-Book

Public Health 101 E-Book

Case studies

Consumer Action Group: Developing a Voice to Create Change

Zoe Martin-Hawke 2010

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"This case study follows the development of a Auckland consumer action group which started when kaimahi formulated the theory that gambling harm for community would decrease further if consumers were engaged and provided with resources to develop their own organised voice to create change."

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Ki o Rahi for Supportive Community Outcomes: Highlighting Traditional Māori Values

Vicki Hirini

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"This project includes activities based on the legend and traditional Māori game of Ki o Rahi. We use the whakatauki tama tu tama ora, tama mate to highlight the traditional values of pre- European Māori."

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Report Writing
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"Report writing is a key skill for any public health worker. Writing is one of the main mechanisms by which we translate and describe our everyday life. From keeping a diary, to recording family history and sharing favourite recipes the purpose of writing is the same, to share an event or thing with someone who wasn’t there."

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link to Submissions PDF

"Submissions are another key component of the minimising gambling harm role. It can be daunting at first but there are plenty of resources on this website that can help with generating submissions. Submissions are an invitation to participate in the decision making process or conversation about proposed changes to the Gambling Act 2003."

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link to Photovoice PDF

"Photovoice is a methodology that belongs in a range of community research discipline. It is most positively used in Community Action (also known as Community Based Participatory Research) and involves positioning community members as research partners to a shared field of interest."

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Maximising your workforce development
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"Workforce development is the science of training and developing new skills to ultimately improve your practice. The workforce development system is shaped by the opportunities you identify. Te Kākano has a supporting role to help you get the most out of it. We like to keep our advice short and sweet so here is the summary on maximising your workforce development."

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